MR500 Single Fork Lifter

A built in overload valve and totally sealed hydraulic pump.

Heavy duty and reinforced forks for greatest strength and durability.

Special for supermarket bin.

Conforms to EN1757-2

Εμφάνιση βίντεο

i-lift No.1411301
Χωρητικότηταkg (λίβρες)500(1100)
Min.Fork Heightmm (σε.)90(3.5)
Max.Fork Heightmm (σε.)300(11.8)
Μήκος πιρούνιmm (σε.)600(23.6)
Fork Widthmm (σε.)150(6)
Καθαρό βάροςkg (λίβρες)60(132)


Single Fork Lifter is a small, multi-purpose Lifter suitable for household/supermarket/warehouse/factory. Body compact, economical, convenient use, simple to fit in is loved by many users

Thickened spring

The thickened spring has the advantages of good elasticity, high hardness and long service life

Strengthened and thickened plateform

The base, pull face and pull rod are thickened comprehensively to ensure the rigidity of the valve body in the handling process, and the excellent materials are used to extend the service life

Dual rear wheel design

Standard dual wheel design, easy to use, flexible, unique brake design, can park where you want to stop without sliding.

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